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    SANCERA (Yangzhou North Sanshan Industrial Ceramics) is the holding subsidiary of China NORINCO GROUP. It's the leading comprehensive manufacturer of bullet-proof ceramics, integrating production, R&D, sales, and marketing.

    Since the 1980s, SANCERA has been focusing on producing ballistic ceramic products such as alumina, zircon toughened alumina, sintered silicon carbide, boron carbide, etc. We also provide human protection products such as insert board, bulletproof vests, bulletproof helmets, and composite armor for the special vehicle.  

    With advanced production equipment and modern laboratory, SANCERA has participated in many military protection projects in South Korea, UAE, Turkey, KSA, etc. We can deliver high-quality products and professional bulletproof designs to our customers. 

    Regarding science & technology as the guideline, SANCERA takes the talent as the basis to spare no efforts in pursuing the innovative human-oriented technology, the quality to be in the first place. SANCERA shall work together with partners to bring value for customers and make contributions to human anti-terrorism cause. SANCERA aims to be a professional and internationalized first-class enterprise for years to come. 

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