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The series of high-tech equipment of China North Industries Group was successfully accepted

Fighting against the Japanese War

——The series of high-tech equipment of China North Industries Group was successfully accepted


On September 3, the commemorative meeting of the 70th anniversary of the victory of the Chinese People's War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression and the World Anti-Fascist War was held. General Secretary Xi Jinping delivered an important speech and reviewed the troops. The numerous high-tech equipment developed by China North Industries Group, along with the troops under review, passed through Tiananmen Square in mighty and imposing manner, demonstrating to the world the Chinese power, Chinese spirit, and Chinese will to protect peace and seek common development. The national defense self-confidence, equipment self-confidence and innovation self-confidence of the "Chinese Dream" of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

   Weaponry is a weapon of the country and an important support for national security and national rejuvenation. Among the 27 equipment teams reviewed by the Party and the people, 10 types of assembly equipment developed and produced by the Ordnance Industry Group and 3 types of chassis equipment cover the Inner Mongolia First Machinery Group, Iron Horse Group, North Vehicle Group, and Jiangxi Lu Group, Harbin Yiji Group, Optoelectronics Group, Beiben Heavy Duty Truck and other enterprise products are the military industry group with the largest number of equipment reviewed. The various equipment reviewed by the Ordnance Industry Group this time are distributed in four modules: ground assault, air defense and anti-missile, information support, and after-installation support, and 11 teams. They are all aimed at our military to win informatized local wars and use domestic The industrial base has been independently developed by coordinating research and development, and is at the international advanced level of similar equipment as a whole. It is a panoramic view of the latest achievements of the group company's military product research and development independent innovation and information construction in recent years.

   "The King of Land Warfare"-99A main battle tank was the first to be read.

As our army’s new main ground assault equipment, the 99A main battle tank is at the top of the equipment team and is the only team that passes through Tiananmen Square in the shape of an arrow. The 99A main battle tank achieves an effective combination of firepower, mobility, defense and control, and information capabilities. Under the conditions of an informationized battlefield, it can perform annihilation of the enemy’s main battle tank and other armored targets, destroy the enemy’s field battles, solid defenses and A powerful mission. It is believed that on the battlefield in the future, more information technology and network technology will be integrated, and the ground assault force represented by the main battle tank will still be the winning force to win the final victory of the war. The status of the "king of land warfare" is difficult to shake.

   "Assault Spear"-the infantry armored car family is spectacular.

The 05A amphibious armored assault vehicle, 04A infantry fighting vehicle, 03 tracked infantry fighting vehicle and 11-wheeled amphibious armored assault vehicle, which are unveiled this time, together with the 99A main battle tank constitute our army's new ground assault force. The 05A amphibious armored assault vehicle is the main battle equipment for naval landing operations; the 04A infantry fighting vehicle is the representative equipment of our army's mechanized and informatized development, and it is the most mobile infantry fighting vehicle of our army at present; the 03 crawler type Infantry fighting vehicles can quickly maneuver, reach long-range direct, and strike in depth, and are "a sharp knife" for joint operations; 11-wheeled amphibious armored assault vehicles are mainly used for rapid deployment, area deployment, and ground assault. As the main body of my country's armored vehicle development and production, the Ordnance Industry Group actively follows the development trend of lightweight, intelligent, serialized, and universal armored platforms. At present, it has formed a track, wheel, and The series of product pedigrees that combine people and match light, medium, and heavy, provide strong equipment support for our army's full-range maneuvering, full-spectrum combat, and diversified combat missions.

   "Tank Buster"-the Hongjian-10 multi-purpose missile weapon system shines.

The Red Arrow -10 missile weapon system, which was read for the first time, is highly informatized and easy to operate. It is the latest anti-tank weapon currently equipped by our army. It can target high-value ground such as tanks, armored vehicles, and solid fortifications that are beyond the visual range. Point targets and low-altitude and low-speed flying helicopters perform precise strikes. At present, the anti-tank weapon system including the Red Arrow series has realized multi-platform applications on ground vehicles, helicopters, and drones. In recent years, the Ordnance Industry Group has also developed multiple types of precision guided munitions covering ground, air, ship, and information countermeasures in response to the needs of information warfare. This constitutes an army precision strike firepower echelon with full range connection and no blind zone coverage, allowing various types of The weapon platform is even more powerful.

   "God of War"-the 155mm self-propelled howitzer shows its edge.

As a long-range suppression weapon, the 05A Type 155 self-propelled artillery is an important suppression firepower for the Army. It has superior maneuverability, powerful attack capabilities, and good protection capabilities. Its main combat technical indicators have reached the international advanced level. The Ordnance Industry Group has formed a precision strike equipment system integrating air-to-ground three-dimensional reconnaissance guidance, networked command and control, informationized combat platform, diversified precision guided munitions, real-time combat assessment and complete logistics support. Modern artillery and rocket launcher weapon systems with information wings are even more invincible, and they are veritable "firepower fist".

   "Iron Armored Guards"-multi-type armored rescue vehicles contrast each other.

The multi-type logistical support equipment of the military parade made its debut for the first time, which complemented the main battle equipment and became a beautiful scenery on the parade ground. With the rapid development of anti-tank and anti-armor weapons, equipment support vehicles represented by armored rescue vehicles and emergency repair vehicles have become increasingly prominent on the battlefield. The three types of equipment for tracked armored rescue vehicles, wheeled armored rescue vehicles and wheeled armored rescue vehicles received by the Ordnance Industry Group this time have all-weather and all-region equipment support functions, which promoted a significant leap in the equipment support capabilities of our army. They can perform the accompanying support and mobile support tasks of our army's new main battle tanks and wheeled armored equipment under field conditions, and have become an important component of the modern battlefield.

   Behind the appearance of all kinds of military parade equipment, the responsibility concept and political responsibility of "quality first" and "make users successful" of the Ordnance Industry Group are everywhere. The Ordnance Industry Group attaches great importance to the support of military parade equipment, and provides full support from personnel selection, team formation, and funding guarantee. For the parade guarantee, the Ordnance Industry Group is responsible for taking the lead in the formation of a factory technical service team, establishing two organizational management systems, administrative management and life management, to achieve full coverage, full network, and no dead ends. In order to give full play to the fighting fortress of grassroots party organizations and the exemplary vanguard role of party members, the brigade headquarters set up temporary party committees, set up party branches in each squadron, and set up party groups in each squadron. During more than three months of closed and concentrated training for the troops, the support team members from more than a dozen units of the group company had their responsibilities and affection for their equipment. Go all out regardless of conditions, take the military parade as an example, investigate and solve the training failures strictly and carefully, and maintain the equipment carefully to ensure that the parade equipment is foolproof and perfect. It has made extraordinary achievements in ordinary positions. .

   The Moguan River is in the desert of gunpowder, and the iron flow is full of ambitions. Since the establishment of the Jiangxi Guantian Central Arsenal in 1931, the People’s Ordnance Industry has been dependent on the natural destiny of the People’s Army and marched hand in hand. This time, 2 veteran comrades of the Ordnance Industry Group participated in the anti-Japanese war veteran comrades’ ride and the viewing platform respectively. 804 anti-Japanese war veterans, veteran comrades or survivors won the "Chinese People’s War of Resistance Victory" issued by the Party Central Committee, the State Council and the Central Military Commission "70th Anniversary" commemorative medal, these veterans and comrades were either heroic soldiers on the front lines of the war against Japan, or technicians in the rear arsenal.

We must not forget that in this war that changed the destiny of the Chinese nation, the People’s Ordnance Industry, under the leadership of the party, relied on its own efforts and adapted measures to local conditions. It has successively established more than 130 large and small arsenals, including the Huangyadong arsenal in Changzhi, Shanxi. In addition to completing a large number of weapon repair tasks, according to incomplete statistics, during the Anti-Japanese War, a total of nearly 4.5 million grenades, 200,000 mines, 7.8 million bullets (mainly reloaded bullets), more than 10,000 long and short guns, grenade barrels, There are more than 6,300 grenadiers and more than 900 mortars of various calibers. Representatives such as "China's Paul Kochajin" Wu Yunduo, "Ordnance Industry Master" Liu Ding, and "One-Armed Master" Zhu Yusheng have emerged. A large number of ordnance pioneers and heroes made important contributions to the eventual victory of the War of Resistance against Japan, and laid a solid foundation for New China to build a complete defense technology and industrial system. The people’s military-industry spirit of "dedicating everything to the party" is an important component and concrete portrayal of the great spirit of the war of resistance.

   Write loyalty with life, and achieve development with struggle. During the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period, especially in recent years, the Ordnance Industry Group has achieved remarkable results in various reforms and development. In 2014, it achieved a total operating income of 404.28 billion yuan and a profit of 10.86 billion yuan, ranking 144th among the Fortune 500, 23rd among the top 500 Chinese enterprises, and 5th among the top 500 Chinese manufacturing companies. In fulfilling the core mission of strengthening the military, in compliance with the new requirements of the mechanized and informatized development of our military’s weapons and equipment, a number of high-tech weapon systems were successfully delivered, which greatly narrowed the gap with the world’s advanced level; mobile assault, long-range suppression, precision strike, and air defense The six major equipment series of anti-missile, high-efficiency damage, and information night vision are coordinated and advanced, and the equipment system, technical system and talent system with the second generation as the main body and the third generation as the backbone is initially formed; dare to play against strong players and not be afraid to shine away swords in the Russian international military competition , Overseas peacekeeping and anti-terrorism and other major occasions to compete with the world's "superpowers", play a key role in China's "going out", "One Belt, One Road" and other major strategies, and strive to rank among the top international defense groups.

   Xiongguan Mandao is really like iron, and now it has started from scratch. The "13th Five-Year Plan" and the next period will be a critical period for the construction of an advanced ordnance industry with Chinese characteristics. The Ordnance Industry Group will remember history, cherish the memory of martyrs, cherish peace, and create the future, earnestly implement the "four comprehensive" strategic layout, and closely focus on Our army’s goal of "being able to fight and win wars", unswervingly fulfill the core mission of military research and production, actively promote the in-depth development of military-civilian integration, vigorously strengthen the new generation of weapon technology innovation to seize the commanding heights of competition, and strive to build our army's most loyal , The brand reputation of the most reliable equipment supplier, to make new and greater contributions to the "Chinese Dream" and "Dream of Strong Army" supporting the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation!

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